SCOLT Atlanta – Pre-Conference Giveaway!

Exciting news! Señora Lee and Yona from Spanish Resource Shop will be representing over 20 of the best-selling Spanish teacher-authors from Teachers Pay Teachers at the Southern Conference On Language Teaching in Atlanta from March 15 – 17. They can’t wait to give away tons of free resources, TPT gift cards and gift baskets! Maybe you’re like me and worried about missing out (#FOMO anyone?).… Read More SCOLT Atlanta – Pre-Conference Giveaway!

Google Maps to Integrate Culture and Geography

Every now and then when I’m teaching, I become completely flabbergasted when a student raises their hand and asks me, “Where’s (country)?” It never fails to surprise me when students are unfamiliar with geography, but it always encourages me to continue to try and find ways to build in that geographical understanding as we are… Read More Google Maps to Integrate Culture and Geography